When to Replace the Gutters on Your St. Cloud, MN, Home

When to Replace Gutters St. Cloud MN When your gutters are working properly, they direct rainwater and snowmelt away from your home to protect it. But when they’re not, water that runs off your roof pools on your property, where it can erode your landscape or seep into your home’s foundation and cause costly water damage. Fortunately, you can avoid any such scenario by checking your gutters for any of these warning signs that your gutters are failing and may need to be replaced:

Sagging Gutters

You don’t need to be on a ladder to notice sagging gutters. Gutters that sag or pull away from the roof can be an indication your gutters are unable to handle the amount of water that runs off your roof and, thus, may not be the appropriate system for your home. When gutters sag, they are pitched at the wrong angle, and water can spill over and pool on the ground.

Cracks or Splits

This may not seem to be a huge problem, but small cracks or splits can easily turn into big leaks if they’re not correctly sealed. A leaking gutter is a dysfunctional gutter, leaving the fascia boards behind the gutters, as well as your foundation, vulnerable to water damage.

Separated Gutters

Gutters function as designed if they are fastened together in a continuous channel. If they begin separating from one another, your system will leak, causing water that should be channeled away from the home to collect on your property instead.

ABC Seamless Gutters

One surefire solution to faulty or leaky gutters is gutter installation from ABC Seamless of St. Cloud. We install seamless gutters that lack the seams and splices that make conventional gutters susceptible to separation that can cause leaks. Constructed from 28-gauge, G-90 galvanized steel for longevity, our seamless gutters systems are engineered to carry 33%more water away from a home than conventional systems. Contact ABC Seamless of St. Cloud today to learn more.