How St. Cloud, MN, Homeowners Can Tell When It’s Time to Replace Their Siding

When to Replace Siding St. Cloud MN The weather in St. Cloud, MN, can be unkind to say the least. From intense heat in the summer to bitter cold in the winter, your siding protects your home’s exterior from the harshest conditions of the local climate—until deterioration sets in. When that happens, your siding can expose your home to weather damage, to say nothing of detracting from your property’s appearance. Fortunately, there are a few quick ways to tell if it may be time to start searching for a reputable siding contractor.

Your Siding Is Rotting

If siding rot is limited, you may be able to repair the damaged area. But rot spread across the exterior may indicate that your siding’s integrity has been compromised enough to inhibit its vital role of weather protection. In that case, it makes sense to replace it with rot-resistant siding.

Rising Energy Bills

Skyrocketing energy costs can be a sign that your siding is underperforming. If you feel drafts near walls and windows, or around light switches and receptacles, chances are your siding is admitting drafts, which means it’s not insulating your home properly. Having new siding installed can eliminate drafts and reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

Bulging Siding

Closely inspect your house’s siding from multiple angles for areas that no longer lie flat. Bulging or warped siding panels warrant further inspection because they often point to serious water damage underneath. For more assurance, consult an experienced siding contractor that you can trust to give you an honest recommendation.

Seasoned Siding Professionals

Not just anyone can replace siding on a house with workmanship that guarantees performance. But at ABC Seamless of St. Cloud, we’re not just anyone. We’ve been in home improvement business since 1991 and our siding professionals have installed our siding for more than 20 years. Rot-resistant, highly insulating, and durable, our siding is made from thick 28-gauge steel that resists cracking, peeling, and other types of damage. For information about our siding replacement service, contact ABC Seamless of St. Cloud.